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Watermarking is a method of adding a visible or invisible image or text to a PDF document to protect it from unauthorised use. There are several online apps that can help you add watermarks to PDFs. One such tool is SEO ToolsZu's free online Watermark PDF converter. It is an advanced web tool that allows you to add a free watermark to your PDF document. To add a watermark to a PDF, go to the following page: 1. Launch the Watermark PDF Converter and import a PDF file. You can drag and drop the PDF file or use the Upload Files option to upload it. As the type of watermark, you can select between text and image watermarks. Make an in-text watermark by inputting the text and changing the font, size, and colour. The text should not exceed 70 words. To add an in-image watermark, upload the image and set the watermark position. After pressing the "Apply Watermark" option, save your file. This programme is free, quick, and easy to use. With this programme, you may safeguard your intellectual property from infringement while maintaining the individuality of your work. 

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