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Server Status Checker is a free internet programme that allows you to check a website's server status. This tool is useful for website owners who want to ensure that their website is up and running. You can check up to 100 sites with a single click, and the results will show the HTTP response code from the server, the response time, and the website's current status. To use the tool, simply enter the URLs of the websites you want to verify and click the "verify Status" button. The results will be displayed in tabular style, making them simple to read and understand. It is vital to maintain your website up and running in order to give your users with uninterrupted website services. When your website is down, the Google crawler may notice right away and display problem signals in Search Console. The frequent downtime of your website affects not just your visitors, but also its rating in search engines. Use our free server status checker tool to see if your server is up and running and if your website is working properly. 

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