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QR Code Generator by smallseo.toolszu.com: This free online tool allows you to create QR codes for URLs, text, contacts, PDFs, apps, emails, phones, and SMS. Dynamic codes, tracking, analytics, and other features are also available. You can save your QR code in a variety of formats, including.svg,.jpeg,.png, and.webm.  This free QR code generating programme uses a four-step process to generate personalised QR codes with logos that never expire. Once the design is ready, just generate and save the QR code as a.png,.svg, or.pdf vector graphic. Using this free online tool, you can generate QR codes for URLs, text, email, phone, SMS, vCard, meCard, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WiFi, events, and Bitcoin. Change the dots, corners, squares, background, image, and other aspects to make your QR code unique.  

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